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The Instinctive Branding Team

The Instinctive Branding Team is an incredible group of people who have unique skills. 

They have been chosen to be a part of our team purposely. 

We believe in the power of attraction and these team members have been attracted to our team because of who they are and how they can help our clients.


Tobi is proud to lead the Instinctive Branding team and believes that everyone is an integral part of the client’s success. After working at a bank throughout college, Tobi quickly realized that a traditional 9-5 wasn’t going to cut it and certainly wasn’t going to feed her constant hunger for finding creative solutions to even the most traditional problems. One of her bosses once said, “Ideas just fall off of her as she walks down the hall.”

Tobi has focused her career on creating experiences in marketing strategy, sales, brand development, event planning, online marketing and idea incubation.

Since our company’s inception in 2011, Tobi has approached each project with a fresh and innovative eye and conceptualizes each project as an opportunity to enhance the human experience.




arlene joy tribaco

Project Manager

arlene joy tribaco

Born and raised in the Philippines, Arlene Joy pursued her passion for education while juggling work responsibilities at Colegio San Agustin Bacolod’s General Services Office. As a licensed professional teacher specializing in English, she proudly earned her degree as a working scholar, demonstrating her dedication to both academic excellence and professional development, while her commitment to community involvement since 2015 reflects her proactive approach to making a positive impact, even while balancing the demands of studying and working part-time.

During her two-year tenure as an Executive Admin Assistant, Arlene honed her administrative skills and cultivated a strong work ethic, laying a solid foundation for providing exceptional service to clients. Outside of her academic and professional pursuits, Arlene finds solace and rejuvenation in outdoor adventures, particularly in the embrace of majestic mountains. Whether hiking, camping, or simply enjoying the breathtaking views, these experiences nourish her soul and invigorate her spirit, contributing to her holistic approach to client assistance and problem-solving.

Celine Rejano

Celine is a multitasking maven juggling the beautiful chaos of motherhood with a career that’s all about connecting, communicating, and creating opportunities. As a mom of two, her heart overflows with love for her little ones. Every day is an adventure, and she cherishes the moments that make her family unique.

Celine’s Golden Retriever is more than a pet; he’s family. They share life’s ups and downs, and his wagging tail reminds her of the simple joys in life. Beaches hold a special place in my heart. The sound of crashing waves, the feel of sand between her toes, and the endless horizon. That is her sanctuary.

Give her a motorcycle, and she will find the road to freedom. The wind in her hair, the thrill of the ride—it’s my escape from the ordinary. Tattoos are her canvas of self-expression. Each one tells a story, captures a memory, or represents a piece of my identity. Celine wears multiple hats at Instinctive Branding as a Lead Generation Specialist and Telemarketer. Celine is a pro at building connections, finding opportunities, and making things happen.

Celine Rejano

Lead Generation Specialist

danielle foster


danielle foster

Danielle Foster is the dedicated bookkeeper behind the scenes at Instinctive Branding, where her attention to detail and strong work ethic ensure the company’s financial health and stability. With a passion for numbers and a commitment to accuracy, Danielle plays a vital role in the success of the organization.

Born and raised in a small town, Danielle learned the value of hard work and determination from a young age. She pursued her love for numbers by earning a degree in accounting. Her academic achievements laid the foundation for the impressive career she has built today.

Outside of her professional life, Danielle enjoys a fulfilling and fun-filled personal life with her husband, Michael. Together, they share a love for cooking, the great outdoors and are avid hikers. Their adventurous spirit has taken them to breathtaking destinations, where they’ve explored nature’s wonders and created lasting memories.

delilah patel

Delilah is a powerhouse and has revolutionized our creative and strategic endeavors. Her efficiency in analyzing datasets helps us to see insights and trends and pass on those insights to our clients. Her creative input and initiative-taking prowess push the boundaries of traditional marketing, allowing us to explore new horizons and innovative solutions.

Delilah exemplifies dedication to excellence, ensuring our projects not only meet but surpass client expectations. Her adaptability and eagerness to learn keep us at the cutting edge of the industry, pioneering the integration of AI in branding and marketing. Through Delilah’s visionary contributions, Instinctive Branding is redefining the potential of branding strategies, making every project a testament to the transformative power of artificial intelligence in the digital age.

Delilah Patel

Content & Data Strategist




Dennis brings over 15 years of high-powered expertise in B2B/B2C telemarketing, appointment setting, and cold calling into the dynamic mix at Instinctive Branding. As an adept Telemarketer, he brings a proven record of triumph and an unparalleled gift for communication that electrifies every interaction.

With a degree in Communication Arts fueling his arsenal, Dennis emanates a potent blend of skills honed through hands-on experience as both a Telemarketing and Customer Service Representative. This fusion has forged a fiercely competitive professional who thrives on exceeding sales goals with a ferocious intensity. His journey has chiseled an individual who masterfully assesses diverse needs, executes upselling and cross-selling strategies, harmonizing customer satisfaction with corporate growth.

Dennis isn’t just about numbers; he’s the embodiment of meticulousness, thriving as a multitasking virtuoso even in high-octane sales arenas. A maestro under pressure, he turns challenges into opportunities, maintaining unwavering focus on the objective. By joining Instinctive Branding, Dennis infuses the team with a potent concoction of experience, versatility, and determination.

In Dennis, Instinctive Branding gains a force to be reckoned with—a professional poised to reshape the landscape, shatter records, and drive the company to greater heights. His arrival heralds a new era of unyielding dedication and amplified results.

Dennis’ family is the center of his world and he is most proud of his children.

Erica Sy

Erica is a vital member of the Instinctive Branding team, holding the role of Program Manager. With an impressive decade-long background in the retail Industry, her expertise greatly enhances the team. Erica’s education and background is as a licensed Pharmacist, having achieved her qualification from the distinguished University of Santo Tomas in Espana, Manila.

Erica’s multifaceted life showcases her dedication to both her professional and personal interests, creating a well-rounded individual who contributes meaningfully to her work and savors the joys of life beyond the office. Erica has been supporting our clients and has worked in this capacity for the last 4 years.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Erica finds time to engage in various hobbies, including the satisfaction of solving puzzles and the art of cooking. Alongside her successful career, she finds happiness in her marital bliss and cherishes moments spent with her family. We don’t know where we would be without Erica.

Instinctive Branding Team Member

Erica Sy

Program Manager

Instinctive Branding Team Member

J. Kurth Laging

Digital Marketing specialist

J. Kurth Laging

In the realm of digital marketing, Kurth is a force to be reckoned with, a specialist whose commitment to tangible outcomes is unmatched. Possessing a comprehensive skill set, he reigns as an authority in on-page SEO, content creation, photo/video editing, email marketing, and the art of lead generation. At Instinctive Branding, he occupies a pivotal role, steering clients toward online success through a combination of strategic maneuvers.

Kurth’s impact is profound, characterized by the optimization of web presence, the crafting of captivating content, and the implementation of marketing strategies that yield real results. His expertise transcends the ordinary, weaving together the technical intricacies of SEO with the artistry of content creation, creating a symphony that resonates across the digital landscape.

As Kurth Laging takes the reins, Instinctive Branding gains not just a specialist, but a catalyst for evolution. With each keystroke and every strategic move, he weaves a narrative of innovation, achievement, and digital prowess. With Kurth at the helm, the journey toward unparalleled digital success becomes an exhilarating reality.

lillie hooker

Lillie Hooker is a dynamic professional whose creative spark and leadership qualities shine brightly in every project she undertakes. Known for her ability to take initiative, Lillie has carved a niche for herself in an environment where her clients can’t help but love her dedication and the innovative solutions she brings to the table. Her openness to learning new things, combined with her hardworking nature, ensures that she is always at the forefront of her field, embracing challenges and transforming them into opportunities.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Lillie carries with her the groundedness and warmth of her Southern roots, alongside an insatiable love for travel that has taken her across the globe. This love for exploration is not just limited to her personal life; it reflects in her professional approach as well, where she is constantly seeking out new ideas, trends, and technologies to keep her work fresh and exciting.

Lillie’s mantra is to do whatever it takes to get the job done, a testament to her commitment and perseverance. Her leadership skills are evident in the way she guides her team towards achieving collective goals, all while fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation. With Lillie Hooker at the helm, you can expect nothing less than exceptional results, creativity that knows no bounds, and a partnership that is built on trust, excellence, and an adventurous spirit ready to conquer the next challenge.

lillie hooker

project manager

Mary Anne Janik

Social Media Manager

Mary Anne Janik

Mary Anne stands as a seasoned leader with a decade-long tenure in marketing, wielding a wealth of experience that spans over 10 years. Within the ranks of the Instinctive Branding team, her role revolves around orchestrating the continual freshness and allure of our clients’ social media platforms. These platforms thrive under her meticulous care, brimming with captivating content encompassing videos, graphics, and written posts.

With a strategic mindset as her guiding compass, Mary Anne propels the task of upholding a captivating online presence. Her methodology incorporates a profound analysis of user data, the cornerstone of her endeavors in crafting bespoke content that ignites a surge in website traffic. Notably, her professional journey bears witness to a trail of accomplishments where she adeptly harnessed the potency of various social media outlets like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

A testament to her proficiency, Mary Anne’s prowess extends beyond mere theory, evident in the amplified outreach and heightened visibility she’s achieved through her adept management of these digital avenues. Her strategic dexterity translates into tangible results that resonate throughout the brand’s digital sphere. As Mary Anne assumes the reins, Instinctive Branding acquires not just a leader, but a catalyst who molds the brand’s digital identity into a dynamic and impactful force.

Michele Castle

Michele Castle is a dynamic strategist with a proven track record in crafting innovative marketing solutions. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creative problem-solving, she excels in coordinating with marketing teams and clients to develop impactful strategies. Michele’s expertise lies in her ability to identify and reach target markets through effective content creation.

Drawing from years of experience, Michele possesses a deep understanding of consumer behavior and market trends, allowing her to tailor her approaches to suit diverse audiences. Her collaborative nature shines as she seamlessly works alongside cross-functional teams to align objectives and execute campaigns that resonate.

Michele’s dedication to staying ahead of industry advancements ensures that her strategies remain cutting-edge and adaptable. Her strong communication skills enable her to translate complex concepts into compelling content, fostering meaningful connections between brands and their customers.

In a constantly evolving landscape, Michele Castle’s commitment to innovation and her strategic prowess continue to drive success, making her an invaluable asset in the realm of modern marketing.

Instinctive Branding Team Member

Michele Castle


michele micklus

quality control manager

Michele micklus

Michele Micklus, a proud New Jersey native, has carved out a remarkable career path that blends her analytical acumen with her creative flair. A Rutgers University alumna, Michele holds a degree in Economics, showcasing her versatile skill set from the start. Her journey has taken her from the dynamic world of advertising and communications, where she spent over a decade with industry giants like Sony Music and Asbury Park Press, to a successful 30-year tenure in the real estate business, illustrating her adaptability and expertise across diverse fields.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Michele is a devoted mother to Ryan, who stands on the cusp of college graduation, embodying the blend of determination and guidance Michele has instilled. Her home life is brightened by the presence of Oliver, a clumsy yet endearing dog whose antics bring joy and laughter. Michele’s meticulous nature is not just a personal trait but a professional hallmark; her organizational skills are unparalleled, bordering on OCD (but in a good way), a quality that makes her an indispensable asset to her team. Her prowess was further honed during her five years as a proofreader, where attention to detail was paramount. Michele Micklus is more than just a team member; she is a cornerstone of success, bringing order, efficiency, and a touch of perfection to every project she touches.

Vishal Gouri

Vishal Gouri is a proficient and versatile full stack web developer who brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to the digital realm. With a robust background in both front-end and back-end technologies, he crafts seamless and engaging online experiences. Vishal’s journey in the world of web development began with a fervor for coding at an early age, and he has since honed his skills to perfection.

His adeptness spans a spectrum of programming languages, frameworks, and tools, allowing him to seamlessly bridge the gap between design and functionality. Vishal’s forte lies in transforming complex concepts into user-friendly interfaces, ensuring a harmonious synergy between aesthetics and usability.

As a tenacious problem solver, Vishal thrives in dynamic environments, adapting swiftly to evolving technologies and challenges. He embraces each project with a blend of innovative thinking and attention to detail, ensuring that his creations not only meet but exceed client expectations.

Vishal’s passion for staying at the forefront of technological advancements fuels his continuous learning journey, keeping him up-to-date with the latest trends in web development. Whether it’s constructing intuitive front-end interfaces or architecting robust back-end systems, Vishal Gouri’s contributions to the field of full stack web development resonate as a testament to his dedication, skill, and unwavering commitment to creating digital solutions that leave a lasting impact.

Vishal Gouri

Lead Web Developer

raphael okekeze

senior technical website developer

Raphael okekeze

Raphael, with his 13 years of adventure in the web wonderland, is not just any senior web designer/developer; he’s a tech wizard who conjures up the most innovative and eye-catching websites out there. Armed with a magical toolbox containing things like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap, WordPress, Unbounce, MailChimp, Photoshop, Shopify, and Webflow, Raphael crafts enchanting, user-friendly realms that captivate users and boost conversions.

His expertise is a treasure trove of creating responsive, dynamic websites and applications that not only look visually stunning across all devices but also engage users in the most interactive ways, thanks to his mastery over design aesthetics and the arcane arts of front-end development. Raphael’s adventures extend into the vast kingdoms of content management systems and third-party integrations, where he builds customizable, scalable fortresses and optimizes digital marketing campaigns with the precision of a seasoned strategist.

But Raphael’s talents don’t stop there. With a keen eye for beauty honed in the mystical lands of graphic design, he weaves visually striking layouts and graphics that echo the client’s brand identity and message. His exceptional communication skills, akin to the charm of a skilled diplomat, allow him to bridge worlds, translating complex tech jargon into the common tongue and fostering a harmonious realm of collaboration.

In the grand saga of web development, Raphael stands as a beacon of creativity, dedication, and expertise, always ready to exceed client expectations with his innovative designs, robust development, and meticulous attention to detail. Join him on this epic journey, where each project is an adventure filled with challenges to overcome and victories to celebrate, all in the quest to create exceptional web experiences.

Trevon Patterson

Having completed his college education in 2008, Trevon Patterson initiated his journey into the world of radio, where he assumed the roles of both a DJ and an On-Air Personality. Merely half a year post-graduation, he secured a significant position at First Media Radio situated in Weldon, NC, and exhibited swift advancement within the organization. Within a span of less than two years, he successfully ascended from a part-time commitment to a full-fledged managerial role.

During his dedicated tenure of 7.5 years with First Media Radio, Trevon Patterson’s career trajectory took an ambitious turn as he transitioned towards entrepreneurship, a choice that marked a pivotal point in his professional path. This transformative step saw him wholeheartedly embracing the challenges and opportunities that came his way, demonstrating his resolute determination to forge his own path.

Amidst his dynamic career journey, Trevon further diversified his portfolio by venturing into the realm of social media management. This decision proved instrumental, eventually guiding him towards a significant junction in his career: his association with Instinctive Branding. As he embraced this new chapter, Trevon brought with him a wealth of experience, a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, and an unwavering commitment to his continued growth and success.

Trevon Patterson

Social Media manager

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